Slogging Through Nano

As of yesterday, I got to 35,000 words in my story for Nanowrimo. I have to admit that the last 1,000 I have been slogging it.  You usually get that way about the whole process by that time.  Even if you really like your story, you get this way, as if getting to the final words are a drag.

For me, while I like my story and some of it has been fun, I have to admit I am not the greatest science fiction writer of all time. Asimov and Clarke have nothing to fear! My writing will not challenge them for science fiction supremacy.

Mostly, I’m not one to make up strange words for names. When I try to make any up, they come out well….dorky.  I have no talent for it.  The same goes in making up strange planets name or species. I did make up a pretty good mouse like character for the story, so that’s a plus, but others, ah well.

So, I’ll be happy to finish and declare the venture a moderate success. I got 20 more days to the finish line. I think I’ll make it, but the story isn’t one of my best. Some things are just learning experiences.


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