Push To Finish Nano

As of last night I reached over 39,000 words for Nanowrimo. Once I get some things out of the way today, I plan a push to get to my 50,000 -words, hopefully, before Thanksgiving.

That’s my plan. Whether I make it or not depends on what happens on me not surfing the Internet. I have a habit of doing that. So, if I can stay focused, I believe I can do what I believe I can do.

I got a nice E-mail and write up again from Jane Ammeson, the writer for the NWI times. She is working on her own Nano, a story of a murder mystery that took place in the Calumet Region in, I believe 1923. It sounds like she got all the angles covered. I just have to find her Nano name and maybe she’ll have a short excerpt to read.

As far as my story is concerned, I got through the boring up against it part and to the best part of the book, where all the action and confrontation is. This is the fun part of writing where te story comes together. I already see a sequel to it. Perhaps I can do the sequel for next years nano….Yes, it sounds like a possibility.

Lastly, I hope every one doing the Drawmo is still involved. It sounds easy, but, I imagine  it’s hard to come up with a drawing everyday for a whole month good luck to all of you. My stick men would thank you too, but I didn’t let them out!


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