A Nano Preview

I’m coming along with the Nano novel in good time. I’m up to 43,000 words and counting as of Friday afternoon, 11-16-08.

To celebrate I thought I’d leave you with Chapter 25 of my book. I think it’s half -way decent, though it still needs some work.  So bear with the mistakes! If you have any comments, just let me know!

Rondo and the rest of his crew of three peered out of the spacecraft and looked around. Everything seemed quiet. Apparently neither army had come over in this direction as of yet to confront each other in battle.
Sarkasian, looking around the foreboding area said. “I guess that both sides are just getting ready to come at each other. They probably want to make sure that all the troops are gathered and organized in the right way before setting out.”
Lazlo agreed. “Let’s hope that our side is more organized and can get it together first. It’s going to be hard enough with the kind of army that the Federal Galactic Empire can put together. We’re not going to have enough beings as it is. It’s a matter of the Jade Warrior and his followers having the weapons and the spirit to carry on a very hard battle.”
“Well that’s very well for you. But right now I need a drink. We got to find a place to go and I intend to find one. Want to come with me?” Rondo didn’t wait for an answer. he just headed for the entrance to the underground trading post of Kazubia City and the nearest tavern that the could find.
Max found a vibrant city underneath the stark sand and sun of the Kazubian outer world. The Kazubian city was a wash in color and beings of every stripe and size.
“It’s really not as large as say, Nowa,” Lazlo enjoined. “But it is the most interplanetary of them all. That’s because its a trading post. People from all over come here to trade, both legaly and illegally on anything they can get their hands on, both legaly and illegally. I wouldn’t be surprised if that Joline that the Federal Galactics used to build their weapon was taken and sold here.”
“You got that right!” Rondo declared. But right now I got to get that drink and wash that idiot who shot me down out of my mouth.”
Scanning the shops and stores that were cut out of the rocks in the underground city. Rondo’s eyes settled on a small place that would have gone unnoticed if not for the drunken patron being thrown out on the street.
“Ah, yes, the ‘Ruffian,’ that’s the place to go.” Max looked over at a disbelieving Max and continued. “Max I’m going to set you up with the finest drink you can ever get this side of the planet Jabar. You’ll love it.”
Grabbing Max by the arm he led the others in the place and walked over to the bar. Signaling the barkeep, a female of undeterminable age. Rondo waved his hand and spoke. “A good Jabar Land Mine for my guys here and make it snappy. We got a war to get back to.”
As they stood around the bar, drinks in hand, a large fellow came up and looked over the group. He pointd a large green hand at Max, Max looked up to see an ogre looking face at Max: He sort of reminded Max of Shrek on a bad scalp day.
The ogre continued to point at Max, then said, “Who is this white looking runt you have with you. Doen’t look like anyone I ever see around here.”
Rondo took another swig of his drink and waved the ogre off. Patting Max on the shoulder, he said, “This is my little Earth fellow. Better watch it, he already dispersed a couple of people today. They do stuff like that all the time on their planet. I know I’ve been there.”
The green monster looked over at Max with disdain. “That little pip squeek? I like to see him do anything to me!”
At that moment, the ogre grabbed Max by the neck and raised him to chest level. “What do you think of that?” the ogre cried out.
Before Max even knew it he was again standing on the ground with a laser knife in his hand. The ogre was screaming and holding his arm, now minus a hand. Max looked down and found the hand on the floor, in a large green shriveled shape. Max looked at Rondo, who just shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.
“Just continue to hold that knife and no one will bother us.” Rondo whispered.
So Max did and true to form, no one came to bother the group again. In fact, they stayed about 10 feet away from them as they stood and worked on their drinks.
As they quietly enjoyed their drinks Rondo looked around the room. “The usual types are here, Robbers, swindlers, smugglers and worse if you like.” He suddenly stopped in the middle of a sentence and stared at one being in particular. He seemed to know the being.
“Hold it all, before we go, i won’t to talk with someone. Max come with me.” Rondo was as serious as he ever could be.
Walking over to a being that was dressed in the same fashion as Rondo himself, Rondo tapped him on the shoulder as he was facing away from them. As the being turned, Rondo grabbed him by the throat and hollered. “Arky, you swindling thief of a pirate! Did you take that Joline and sell it to the Federal Galactic Empire!? If You did, did you know that you started a war?!”
Arkady or Arky for short, was instantly surprised. With eyes as big as saucers, he looked at Rondo and then at Max and saw the laser knife that Max still continued to carry. He knew what had happened to the ogre and now thought that he would suffer the same fate from Max.
“I didn’t do it! I swear, Rondo. It wasn’t me!” Arky pleaded.
“Come on, Arky.“ Rondo looked less than convinced. “You mean to tell me that you turned honest? I know you. You haven’t done an honest thing since you dropped out of school, years ago. You can’t be telling me the truth here.”
“Put me down, Rondo and tell him not to come atme with that kniife. I’ll tell you what happened.” Arky choked
Rondo lowered Arky to the ground. “I’ll let you go. Max keep that knife handy, we might have you do some cutting yet.” The whole tavern gathered around, they smelled blood.
On solid ground again, Arky gingerly felt his neck and looked nervously at the knife in Max’s hand.
“I didn’t take the Joline. I swear I didn’t. I had a fight with my first mate, who wanted to make some kind of deal with the Federal Galactics. It would be for a whole lot of cash, but then I would owe my soul to those creeps. They’re crazy you know, with that Hostan Philosophy and junk like that. Who would believe it? I don’t. Any way, I had this fight with the being and the next day, I get up and he’s gone on one of my liife crafts and that’s the last I see of him. Later I hear that the Gederal Galactic Empire has some new weapon that’s powered ny Joline. I figgured that my old first mate took some and handed it over to the other side.”
Rondo looked at Arky and finally said. “Yeah, I guess you’re telling the truth. You’re the type that would give away your mother to continue the life you have. You wouldn’t want to be tied up with anyone, especially the Federal Galactics. Put your knfe down, Max this being is clean.”
“Rondo, I think it’s time to go.” It was Lazlo. “I looked outside, that is out the enterence and I saw that the armies are getting ready to fight, we better go.”
Rondo looked over at Lazlo and said. “Right!” Then to the rest of the crowd at the tavern “OK you jokers! You’ll have to take sides! The Democratic League ans the Federal Galactic Empire are going to duke it out. They’re already doing it in the skies. You know and heard what may happen if you choose the Federal Galactics. Your nice free life is kaput. For me, I’m with the Democratic League. I love to be free. So let’s go and help them. Max, Sarkasian, Lazlo, let’s go! The rest of you can follow me.”
As Max and the rest followed Rondo out of the tavern, the rest followed them out of the door and onto the sandy waste of a Kazubian afternoon. The tavern was empty except for a barkeep and a bleeding ogre.



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