Did It! Another Nano Won

As of this morning I have officially won the Nanowrimo novel writing contest. I’m at 50,566 words and really not quite finished. I do have a little way to go about another 500 words I think. But I’ll finish that during the rest of the month. I can relax now.

I had a lot of support on this one. My Mom was interested. She kept asking me, “Are you done yet?” I guess I was spending a lot of time writing and she wanted my company. Don’t know why.

Also, Jane Ammeson, from the NWI Times, who is also doing a novel for Nano was a real support. She has an interesting story to write about and I hope she gets done with it.  Her writing and traveling schedule has her hopping, unlike me who is temporally unemployed.

The book I wrote was fun in parts, but also a little hard. It involved making up words and phrases since it was science fiction. I found that I was not as good as I hoped in doing that kind of thing. I guess I’d better stick with the world I know and not try to fool making up words and phrases.

But I will try and edit this one and rewrite parts of it. That’s always easier said than done. Editing is boring, but necessary. It will  be a matter here of whether I really like the story enough to do the editing or just write something else that really has my attention.

I guess I’m going to rest and take it easy for the rest of the day. Have a good one. I’ll be back writing my usual 2 or 3 blogs a week, from here on.


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