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Yesterday I got a comment on one of my blogs that I am listed as one of 46 blogs that are, at least in part, about Northwest Indiana. It’s listed in the Northwest Indiana Blogs.

I was gratified to hear that I have been noticed in some small way for what I have been trying to do here. I would urge others to take a look at Northwest Indiana Blogs and check out some of the other blogs that are out there about our area. We do have a lot going for us, despite the various tax and housing problems that beset us these days.

I’ve lived here all my life and it is a great place to live. Sure, things have changed, that is bound to happen anywhere. But over all the people are good, hard working people; the kind that are willing to help you when you need it. The recent rainstorm in August was a case in example of the kind of community that can develop.

Meanwhile, I’m rested from Nanowrimo and ready to get going for Christmas. Another big month lies ahead. For me Christmas Eve is the big day. We celebrate Polak Christmas, with a traditional Christmas Eve Dinner and opening of the gifts. To me it’s makes Christmas sort of Anti- Climax. Last year it was strange having Christmas Eve at my sisters place and not here at home. But Ma was in the rehab center and though she was with us on ‘leave’ from the place, it wasn’t quite the same. This year it will be here and I think it will be a  good one. I’m planning on it anyway.

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    OK, so maybe the fact that I had to spend two days searching for active bloggers in NW Indiana means we’re not Seattle, but its a start. Thanks for linking back, I hope all the other sites take the opportunity to check each other out.

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