So, You Want to Be a Santa?

Since this is St. Nicholas Day, I thought this would be a good day to bring this up. I recently read that Santa’s these days have been reduced to getting liability insurance to protect themselves in case they get sued for child abuse. It seems that if you pick a child up wrong you may be charged with child abuse. Some Santa’s even has the parent or guardian put the child on Santa’s lap.

Some have been warned that saying Ho, Ho, Ho is offensive, Sounds too much like an offensive word used in some rap songs. What are we coming to, in this world?

I’m for protecting kids. But sometimes this goes too far. Parents should be with children when they go to visit Santa Claus. Can you see Santa saying Ha, Ha, Ha when a child tells Santa what they want for Christmas? That sounds like the old guy is laughing at the poor child’s request. We are going too far in protecting the kids and not allowing them to have fun and enjoy the moment.

My parents have pictures of my sisters and I talking to Santa, when we were kids. The pictures show us innocently enjoying the moment. We didn’t care if Santa was a little different in size or shape from one year to the other. In our minds he was all Santa. Nothing fake or mean here.

Parents, be there and enjoy the moment with your children when they visit Santa. Let him say “Ho, Ho, Ho.” Let’s not take the very things we enjoyed as children ourselves. Be a kid along with them. You’ll be better for it.


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    I sure have to agree with you – Santa is just as wholesome a concept as he was when I was a child back in the 1950’s. and you’re right – parents need to be present when their children visit Santa – just good common sense. Hey I wonder if you stumbled on a great Santa AND CHRIST honor concept I spotted at

    seems those folks have the same spirt you and I do – leaving the political correctness OUT of traditional CHRISTMAS celebrations. Let us embrace our own childhoods wih new generations of Santa and CHRIST belivers!

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    There’s even a witty side to Santa at:

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