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Since I haven’t been well most of my life, I never was any good at athletics. Oh, I did play sandlot baseball when I was a kid. I played three and four games a day, if I could. My sisters can attest to that. I played touch football in the fall and even a little basketball when we could find a net on a garage or play on the court in the park. I was never good though. I was too short and underweight to really compete.

Then video games came along. I now have the opportunity to be the star athlete that I never was when I was a kid. I enjoy the fantasy and the games, as I get a little older and grayer. I, run, block, hit and catch with the best of them. I can manage the team to the championship with the best of them. Dusty Baker and Lovie Smith, eat your heart out!

Let me review a few of the sport games that I play. First there is Major League Baseball 2K6 on playstation2. I used to play MVP O5 on Gamecube but switched to the other when I got my Playstation2. I like the smooth play of the 2K6 game compared to the MVP game, but I am saddened that the 2K6 version doesn’t have all the all time greats that MVP once had. Pat of this might have been because of the legal problems that occurred around the time of the release that might have prohibited the use of certain names and images. But I hope that has changed on the 2K7 version, since some of the problems have been resolved. Still the play on the 2K6 is better than MVP series.

By the way, if you play the 2K6 version on Gamecube, you are being ripped-off. That version is horrible. Especially since they obviously put it out to capitalize on getting the product out before the Gamecube was discontinued for Wii.  Sorry to anyone still using the Gamecube.

Madden 07 an NCAA 06 are the football games that I play.  Both are good. I’ve tried a few others, but eventually went back to these games and keep them now. My only problem with the Madden 07 is the same as always. They need to give names to the players on the classic teams. I’m always tired in finding that the ’85 Bears running back is #34 instead of Walter Payton.  It shouldn’t be that hard to find out the names on the great teams. They need to do the research.

Lastly, I’ve been playing March Madness 2005 and NBA Live 2005 for my basketball kicks.  Both are good, though March Madness has the same problems in naming the players in their great team collection. NBA doesn’t seem to have that problem. The play in both is good and I have enjoyed both.

You can tweak all of these games to you level of play and win some. I have been able to do so and I have even made it a little harder as I have improved over time. So don’t be afraid to try them out. I can’t wait to get a Wii, though. Then I can get some exercise instead of sitting on a couch or chair.  On second thought, maybe my height and weight will work against me.


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