Monthly Archives: January 2008

A Great Story

You never know where you will find some reason to live and enjoy the lives we have. Here’s a little something that should give you a lift today. A Sign of the Heart Before my heart transplant, I was drawn to a special boy who appeared to me in a dream. Was he the donor […]

Presidential Marathon

Usually, I don’t comment on politics. That and religion are two subjects that I try to avoid on this blog.  Especially when it come to criticism of any particular politician or religion. I try to keep this blog upbeat and positive and help people think rather than be critical and divisive. I’m going to break […]

Back At Last

Excuse me for the little break! Seems like my Mom had to be in the hospital for a couple of days to have a cardoversion. This is where a shock is placed on the heart to get it beating back in rhythm. She had to be infused with medication for the heart to accept the […]

A Difference In Time

This past Sunday I went to Church. Something I usually do. After all, I have to show my gratefulness with my successful transplant and all. Of course, being Catholic, I went to Mass and during the homily, the priest introduced the new alter servers that had recently been trained. I thought it was cool to […]

Some Things Are Not Meant To Be

Last time, I mentioned that there was a possibility that I could sell my book through the gift shop at the hospital where I once worked. Unfortunately, it is not meant to be. They have a contract with another publishing company and it would be a conflict of interest for then to sell mine in […]

My Life: A Week In Review

New Years has been busier than ever. Besides all the celebration and such. I had a couple of interesting experiences that I hope will help me in selling either one of my books and get a little notice as a writer, such as I am. I did continue to apply for a couple of jobs […]

I Started A New Blog

With the start of a New Year, I have started a new blog called “Region Rats- A Northwest Indiana Blog.” Unlike my other blog it will appear exclusively on and will deal in issues and observations about the area where I live, Northwest Indiana. The site iswww For a number of years I […]