I Started A New Blog

With the start of a New Year, I have started a new blog called “Region Rats- A Northwest Indiana Blog.” Unlike my other blog it will appear exclusively on WordPress.com and will deal in issues and observations about the area where I live, Northwest Indiana. The site iswww joekaminski.wordpress.com

For a number of years I have been urged to write a blog about the Region and recently was encouraged by other Northwest Indiana bloggers to help increase our presence on the internet,

Since it is a rather limited and rather small effort as of this time I don’t feel that I should take a larger approach and put it on all the sites that I do with my “Semi-Regular Blog. So I will for now keep it on WordPress and will write about once a week for starters and see what happens.

I hope that some of you, especially those in the Northwest Indiana area will take a look and will subscribe to the blog as part of your reading enjoyment. Wish me luck and I hope I can keep it up!


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