My Life: A Week In Review

New Years has been busier than ever. Besides all the celebration and such. I had a couple of interesting experiences that I hope will help me in selling either one of my books and get a little notice as a writer, such as I am.

I did continue to apply for a couple of jobs this week. I plan to apply for a few more this week when I get the time. No interviews yet, though. It’s still early in the year and I imagine all those budgets are not quite set. I’ll keep trying.

As I was leaving this past Friday from Communion Ministry, the manager of the gift shop stopped me and asked me about my book. They are thinking of having my book there on consignment. It would be a nice break for me as an avenue to sell my books and get a little more notice. I’m planning this week to talk more with them and getting some positive response. It ought to be interesting. Wish me luck.

I ended the Christmas Season as I have over the last few years by going to the Epiphany Concert at St. Victor Parish, In Calumet City, Illinois. The music was great, as always and I got an opportunity to visit and talk with old friends. It seem that meeting old friends was one of the highlights of the Christmas Season for me.

I got a chance earlier this season to have a nice talk with and artist friend of mine from my college days and have a little college reunion just before Christmas. It made the holidays special as I had the chance to see how I’m remembered. It was sort of like “It’s a Wonderful World, 2007-08” this year.

The only little bit sad thing was a good friend of mine couldn’t make to the concert because of heart problems this year. It probably killed him not to attend, but it was the right move.

I talked to him on the phone after the concert and he seemed fine and is looking forward to getting out after a few more weeks of recuperation.  Knowing him I know that he will get  better soon.

Lastly, My check-up at Loyola was good. So, my lease has been extended for another 3 months.  Good! Maybe I can start on another book. Got to keep writing as I have the chance. That’s why this is a long piece, today.

I better go. There are more things I have to do. I’ll be writing here or on my new blog, “Region Rats,” about Northwest Indiana. If you keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them!

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