Some Things Are Not Meant To Be

Last time, I mentioned that there was a possibility that I could sell my book through the gift shop at the hospital where I once worked. Unfortunately, it is not meant to be. They have a contract with another publishing company and it would be a conflict of interest for then to sell mine in competition with theirs.

Well, another door opens and closes. It was a long shot and a chance to see how hard it is to sell books as a small publisher. I do mean small, just my books.

I checked the site of the publisher in question and they sell Christian books (logical, they are a Catholic hospital). So, I can see where it might be a problem. Although, why not sell the book apart from the books they sell, in a different part of the shop; especially, if they asks for an exception for a small share of the profit?

Well those questions are for another time. Right now I have to concentrate on getting a job and making everyday ends meet. I have a line on one such job, but I wonder if I want to pursue it. It involves working in one of my earlier jobs and I have to see of my Doctors will approve. I got a bit to think about this weekend. Hope you have a peaceful one.


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    Keep on hunting for that job. Sorry about the book deal not quite working.

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