A Difference In Time

This past Sunday I went to Church. Something I usually do. After all, I have to show my gratefulness with my successful transplant and all.

Of course, being Catholic, I went to Mass and during the homily, the priest introduced the new alter servers that had recently been trained. I thought it was cool to mention them and introduce them to the whole congregation gathered there.

I also thought about when I trained to be an alter server, when I was a kid. We had no introduction, Just trained like mad, then when you were done, it was: you area server, go to this Mass. No cheers, no ovation, no anything. Except a critique on how well you did by the Nun who trained you.

What a difference time makes. Before you just did your job, without fanfare, without encouragement. Today, you get a 21 gun salute or the equivalent of it when you do anything,

I’m not complaining. I think it’s great that we give out youth some encouragement. However, maybe it’s good these days to allow out young to do a job, for the job, not for the notice they might get.

In real life not everything you do is going to get that type of notice.  Doing things for it’s own goodness is just as good as a pat on the back.

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