Back At Last

Excuse me for the little break! Seems like my Mom had to be in the hospital for a couple of days to have a cardoversion. This is where a shock is placed on the heart to get it beating back in rhythm. She had to be infused with medication for the heart to accept the shock (which is like a when one revives a heart that goes into cardiac arrest),

The end result is that everything is fine and she is now home. What is really amazing is seeing how the pacemaker works. She has one and after the procedure you can tell it is working whenever the heart rate goes up. Say the heart rate goes up to 110 beats a minute. You can see the pacemaker kick in and the heart rate goes back to whatever the rate the pacemaker is set: Truly amazing, if you ask me.

Of course, having a heart-lung transplant, there is very little that medicine can do that would not amaze me these days. Watching a pacemaker do it’s stuff, though is a real show and I have a better understand on how the whole process works.

Oh yeah, I had a job interview this past Wednesday. I should know something by Tuesday, I figure. The job is what I once did a number of years ago. My only concern is whether I know enough to do the job now. Things have changed and I wonder if I have enough knowledge to be considered. Well, if I don’t, that means I keep on trying. Maybe I’ll need more of a change than I realize, Time will tell.

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