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Usually, I don’t comment on politics. That and religion are two subjects that I try to avoid on this blog.  Especially when it come to criticism of any particular politician or religion. I try to keep this blog upbeat and positive and help people think rather than be critical and divisive.

I’m going to break that policy… A little and talk about the presidential race. I’ve been listening to the candidates these long months and have come to some conclusions. With a few caveats, let me tell you what I think.

First, I am a Democrat with a large D. I have no apologies about it. I have voted for Republicans when I have seen the Democratic candidate as being basically dishonest. But all things being honest I usually end up voting Democrat.

I really wish there was a politician that would have the same seamless garment on life as I do. I am against abortion and the death penalty, hate war, unless it is absolutely necessary. I think the only way to solve the abortion issue is to have a constitutional amendment to abolish it. If any candidate ever had a seamless garment view on life issues on either side of the aisle I would definitely vote for them. Unfortunately, That hasn’t happened yet, so I vote for the person or persons who come closest to my viewpoint, which usually means a Democrat.

On the Republican side, I can put up with McCain, though I don’t think much on his view on the Iraq War. But he does seem to be straightforward and honest, But that War Issue….

Huckabee is more or less a Bush clone: Likable but not too imaginative. Romney is just a better- looking McCain, with a slight dash of Bush. Sad to say, none of them have my interest. Try as hard as I might.

On the Democratic side, Edwards come off as sort of a light- weight. Nice but not too imaginative. That leaves Clinton and Obama to consider.

Hilary, try as I might, I have to admit I don’t care for that much. I could vote for her in the general election against what the Republicans are putting up. But she is not my first choice. This has been especially true since Bill started attacking Obama.

After all the attacks on him and his presidency, you would think Bill Clinton would be remember all of those attacks and just stick to arguing policy. I know this is his wife, but same on you, Bubba for making yourself an issue in the race for the White House.

That leaves Obama. I like him and his positions; He has run a positive campaign so far. Except lately with his feud with Hilary. I don’t know if he has the horses to win the nomination, but I hope he does. So far, I’m for Obama.



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    I like your honesty and thoughts. I am a solid R – and have misgivings about Obama since I think he’s pretty straightforward liberal.

    If the election comes down, as I think it will, to Hillary and McCain, I go with John McCain for President. Who will you suport if it’s Hillary vs. McCain?

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    I respect your opinion and comments. As for McCain vs. Hillary. It’s a toss up as to how I would vote. McCain is too much like Bush on the Iraq War issue and I’d rather have someone rather than another Clinton or Bush as president (18 years of this combination is getting to be too much).

    Considering my liberal viewpoint I would hold my nose and vote HIllary, but, I must say it’s not a lock.

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    I am a Democrat with a capital L as in liberal and I don’t apologize for it. John McCain scares me because of his view on the Iraq War. Besides being wrong, I think lots of our economic problems are directly linked to this unnecessary war. Although I prefer Obama over Clinton, I would have to vote for her if she is the last woman standing in the Democratic race. She edges out McCain slightly. But Obama is correct that he is the best candidate against McCain when it comes to the war.

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    fyi – this was just emailed from the campaign. Obama is organizing to attract super delegates and is asking for help.

    Spread the word!

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