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With the weather so lousy these days in the Midwest I have had time on my hands and was watching TV Land a few days ago. There I caught a little of the Beverly Hillbillies and had to laugh and later thinking about it was appalled.

Seems like the show was about a wealthy sheik, who gives Jed a bunch of dancing girls as a gift. Jed is urged by Mr. Drysdale to accept the gift since the sheik is a wealth oil tycoon and the bank would stand to get a lot of money if he sells some of the oil to Jeds Oil Company.

The show had all the usual trappings: flowing robes and dancing girls. American businessmen grabbing for the oil, humoring the comic book sheik and so on…

All the usual things for a stupid comedy show in the mid 1960’s, except for one thing. Was that our view of the Islamic world at that time? Has it changed much in the intervening years? Do you think that that kind of thinking is one reason why so many in the Islamic World despise us?

I would love for this country to have a view that other cultures need to be respected. I would want to see that we accept their culture and traditions as long as they accept ours and other countries.  I want to help other countries without they having to accept our way of life, if they so desire and they can help us in the same manner.

Believe me, I know that what I say is idealistic. But, we need to become a country that accepts all culture that does not destroy as good in itself and differentiate between those that want to destroy. Get away from the stereotypes that keep each of us too rooted in the past and look toward a better future.



  1. gurtan
    Posted February 12, 2008 at 1:05 am | Permalink

    I agree with you.

    It’s nice to hear that kind of attitude – infact most citizens of all countries of the world should think like that too. Look beyond the stereotype and respect other nations.

    Perhaps one should remain hopeful though even despite knowing there’s much anger, resentment and hostility in the world.

  2. Posted February 12, 2008 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Thanks, This is much like what Obama thinks about leaders of nations talking to each other and coming to some understanding. It may not always work, but it would be better than the way things have gone before.

    We need to hear what the other side thinks, even if we don’t like it, If they are wrong it will show. Then we can be justified in defending oursekves.

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