Snow Day

Well, here I am watching the snow fall again in Northwest Indiana. I haven’s this much snow around here in several years. I would have went out and shoveled for a while but decided that it would make no sense. I’ll just wait for the snow to finally end, possibly by tonight and go out tomorrow and do the work.

So I sitting here and writing and doing some editing of my last book. I started work a little on the next book; writing up character outlines and outlining the plot as I see it at this time. I’m no where near ready to write yet, When I have a good outline and plot figured out, I’ll start to write, probably using the method that I use in writing my Nano books.  That is, write like hell for a period of a month or so and see where it takes me.

The snow is not what gets me down as the cold. I’m not used to the cold as I used to. Since the transplant, my blood is a lot less thick, so with thinner blood, I just feel colder. But I hear the pitchers and catchers are about to report for spring training. Good news, indeed! As soon as a pitcher throws a ball to a catcher, no matter who it is or what team, I’ll warm up.


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    Hi, just wanted to say that spring training is the best time of the year, I completely feel you there. I’m sure its not as cold here in NYC, but its been bad lately. I wish you the best of luck on your writing, I’m an aspiring writer myself. Take care.

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