Is It Valentines Day?

I have to admit that I never got into Valentines Day. Not that I can’t be romantic when I want to. However, when the day came around, I usually wasn’t with anyone special, so the day just flew by like any other. I guess I sort of missed something in not being ‘in love’ around this time of the year. Mostly I was in the business of trying to survive. I was not into flowers and hearts.

That might sound cold –hearted. But it really was just the way I had to live. If that is a mistake, than I take the consequences, I made the choice and I lived with it.

These days I appreciate any little note of kindness and love that I receive. I can return it these days. I’m well enough to be able to and try to do so in small ways. There is not much that I want. A little recognition for a job well done; a thank you at the end of a day for the work I do. I try to do the same for those that do good for me. After all that is a part of what Valentines Day is: Thanking those who make your life a little easier and happier.

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