Baseball, Lawns and Snow

This week -end was fairly busy. Saturday I went to a art exhibit given by a friend, at a gallery in Whiting, Indiana (you can catch more of this on my site, Region Rats). Then I spent the rest of the weekend on little projects.

My sister sent me some photos of the pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training in Arizona. She thought it would warm me up. It did, but only to a degree (or two). Not enough to get me sweating. That may come when I see a exhibition game or two starting in March.

But the pictures did get me to start reading up on lawn care. Our yard was ok, but not near what my Dad had when he could take care of the grass. Of course he never had to deal with global warming issues and water shortages and high water bills. But all excuses beside, I would like to do better. So I got a ‘Dummies’ book on lawn care and Saturday evening began reading.

Hopefully, I can learn something from all of this. Part of having success will be if I’m working or not. Work will have to come first if I have a job. If not I can put more time in the lawn.

We had a little snow last night. It was just a dusting. Luckily, the other heavier snow has melted so it isn’t much and it’s melting already. I’m glad. I’m tired of snow. Aren’t you?


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