Ugh! More Snow!

For what seems like the hundredth time this year, we have snow. I guess the last few winters have spoiled me, with little snow and warm temperatures. I’m paying for it this year though. I’ll wait a little bit before I venture out and shovel.

I’ll also take my time. I have plenty of it, not working. I’m waiting on a couple of jobs that should let me know soon. One I won’t take. It’s a bit further out than they let on. Unfortunately, I have too many obligations at home to go an hours drive for a job. If I was alone, it would be fine, but since it’s not….

The other one,  I should have heard about yesterday. Since I haven’t, I presume that I wasn’t chosen. Too bad, I would have taken it. I was thinking of lodging a protest, but I really think I have no cause to stand on.  So, I’ll probably forget about it and go on looking. Since I worked there so long, I might need some of these people for references.

I’ve continued to do some writing and editing. With the long, hard winter, it has been the one thing that has helped to keep me busy. Otherwise, I’d turn into a Pillsbury Dough Boy,  with a mind of mush to go with it.

If this is my winter of discontent, then I’m living it to the fullest. But, I have to admit, summer will be a welcome relief.


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