Pondering The Imponderable

Once in awhile I think about something really deep. I don’t know where theses thoughts come from, but there they are. Keeping me awake at night and interfering with the daily routine of life. This past week I had one of those thoughts. What was it, you ask? Let me tell you.

Why do men (and sometimes ladies) like beef jerky?

The first thought came when I was watching a rerun of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” The whole family went out and had dinner at a fancy French Restaurant.  Any body who ever ate at one of those fancy places will probably understand what I mean. Any place that has snails as part of its menu does not get my business.

Anyway after the family came back from the restaurant, Robert,  Ray’s brother  announced that he was going to his room and have some beef jerky.

Later this past week I was in the food section of a Wal Mart and saw this guy picking up this package of beef jerky. He picked it up so lovingly and held it to his breast. Sort of like, “Oh baby, come to me.” It was so odd and funny, I almost laughed out loud. Being polite, however, I held back on that action.

But, I began thinking, why do guys, especially like beef jerky. For myself, I think it’s horrible. Hard, salty and not much to look at, I never had a desire to eat the stuff, But then maybe I’m not tough enough.

I got to thinking if any of the remaining candidates eat beef jerky. I figure that John McCain, the Republican considering his military background and looking at his teeth, probably has.

Barack Obama? Looking at his nice white teeth and his even smile, Na, I doubt it. Hillary Clinton? Considering her toughness and liking at her teeth, Yeah, I think so: Maybe that’s the reason why she giving Obama such a tough time. Maybe Barack should chomp an a slab or two and get a little tougher. It certainly won’t hurt, not much anyway.

Well that’s one imponderable thought out of the way.


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