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Barack Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia today that was well crafted and to the point, addressing the issue of race in America and what his vision is on that divisive and important issue.

Was it a speech that he had to give? Yes it was. He needed to define himself for what he was. He could no longer gloss over the issue. It was important to his campaign to win the presidency and focus on what his candidacy means to all of us.

Was it a speech he should have had to make? Unfortunately, there are still fears and prejudices on both sides that needed to address. He had to make a speech like this because of those fears. When candidates no longer have to make speeches concerning race, religion, class or gender, then we can truly say that we have gone past the fears and prejudices that separate us. Until then look for more speeches like Obama’s in future elections.

One last thing, part of the problem was that some people jumped on the words of Rev. Wright. They used his words and branded Obama as one who agreed with those statements. They did not separate what Senator Obama said to what Rev. Wright said. They confused the issue and muddied up the electoral process. I hope that now they will concentrate on ideas, rather than on personalities.

What Obama says is not what Rev. Wright says. Listen to the candidate, and not someone who is the friend of the candidate. You might get a clearer picture of who the candidate is.



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    Listen to the mentor of the candidate, the man who ran the church that the candidate has been a member of for over 20 years.

    Obama knows that this man and his congregation are racists, and he did nothing about it for 20 years. At best he’s a coward. At worst he is an unindicted co-conspirator.

    Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

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    Actually what Obama did was Christianity at its finest. He condemned the words of his pastor, while still calling him a friend. He may lose the nomination due to his stance, But to me at least, he has gained the highest amount of respect. Any body who does not acknowledge that, is best closed minded and at worst unchristian.

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