A Pox On Both Their Houses?

Watching the Democratic run for the White House has become a bitter fight to the finish. It is a case of not taking any prisoners. Ripping the heart out of each other and leaving nothing to come home to once the race is finished.

The Clinton campaign has used just about every trick in the book to get the nomination: Subtle racism, distortion of facts, belittlement, and just outright lying to get to the coveted goal.

The Obama campaign has been forced to fight back in almost everyway possible. The effect on his campaign has been chilling. Instead of riding the message of hope to fuel his road to the nomination, he has been forced to wallow in the mud with the Clinton campaign to get the nomination.

As you know, I am for Obama, I still believe that he has a better approach to the problems that face our country. It’s not that I dislike Hillary completely. I just think that her style, personality and approach to the problems facing the country would not work. There has been too much division with her as a leader. We need someone who can be a unifier, rather than one who has a history of divisiveness surrounding her.

Yet, this campaign will only divide the Democratic Party and it will lose its edge in the upcoming fall general election.

We need to do something quick. We need to know that the nomination is going to either one of the two front- runners. We need to do it now.

I like the idea of a convention before the convention. Where the super delegates would get together, listen to the two candidates and make a decision. This can be done after the last primary. I would also suggest that two open delegations from Michigan and Florida be seated at that ‘convention,’ and sort out who they want to support as the nominee. They could support the winner of the vote in their home state or apportion the vote according to their choice. Then those delegates could be seated with out any problem.

One other thing; if Hillary does win the nomination. I would still vote for her in the general election.  At one time I wasn’t sure. Now, however I came to the conclusion that I would have to.

Why would I do that? Because, her ideas on what to do closely follow both Obama’s and my own views. Obama and Clinton are not that far off in what they want for the country and how to achieve them.  I think, however that Obama has a better way to achieve those goals. That is why I support  Obama rather than Clinton.

Still, to support Mccain, who holds views similar to Bush, would be a mistake for anyone who wants to move the country  in another direction.

I would vote for Hillary, not with much enthusiasm, but only because it is the choice I would have to make. I would hope others on either side consider that come November.


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