Time For Baseball (As In Games)

Ah! Two things I enjoy when I have the time. One is watching a baseball game. The other is playing a baseball game on one of those game players.

I have a Playstation 2 and earlier a Gamecube and enjoy playing sports games, especially baseball on it. I thought I’d give you my thoughts on the three games that are out these days.

First, I usually get my games used. I really can’t see paying full price for the games. I don’t play all the time and I really can’t justify the expense. So all of these reviews are on the 2006 or 2005 versions of the games.

First there is Major League Baseball 2k6 by 2k sports. It’s a good game: the pay seems to be smooth and the stadiums are accurate. The player’s images are good, but could be better. The pay by play with Joe Miller and Joe Morgan while good, has a few holes in it. That takes away from some of the realism of the game.

I recently picked up MLB The Show, made by Sony. I like it. Although the player images are not always the greatest (the Cub’s Zambrano looks like he’s been on a diet) , the commentary by Matt Vasgersian and Rex Hudler and company are excellent. It flows with the game and makes sense. That is unlike the commentary on Major League Baseball 2k6.

Still neither will never match the work on MVP ’05 on EA Sports. That is still the goal that baseball game makers still have to live up to.  It was a well thought out and detailed game. Good artwork and images and good commentary. I had this game on my old Gamecube and it was excellent. I’m sure it would be just as great on a Playstation 2 version. I have the others now, so I won’t get it. Unless I run into a good used copy.

That’s my take on the games for now. It’s back to the job search, Gat to get away from the games for awhile.


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