New Job an Interesting Experience

So far, the new job is turning out to be an interesting experience. What is really a difference is the fact that I am around people all day. My other job I wasn’t among people. Often I worked alone, Before, I had the responsibility for everything that went on as far as the work. Here I am limited.

But the work keeps me going and I’m finding that I kind of enjoy it. I guess it really is what you make of it. I can see a book coming out of this. I don’t know what kind of book, but I can see one coming somewhere down the road.

Having a job does interfere with other things. That’s the price one has to pay. You have to become more disciplined. You no longer have the luxury of writing whenever you want to. Or doing anything only when you have the time. You have to make the time and do what you need to do when it needs to be done. You can’t fool around and put important things off.

Yes I can say that the new job is an interesting experience and I have enjoyed it so far. But I’ll have to see about how it will affect me. After all, being a heart-lung transplant survivor, I’ll have to see if I can survive the 8 hr. days and the traveling back and forth. That part, time will tell.

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