Obamaboy Strikes Back

I had a day off today and with such a beautiful day, I went out and did some errands. First, I filed a request to the EEOC concerning my lay off and refusal to rehire me at my old employer. I want to see if they discriminated against me by age or disability. I think I have a good case, but I’ll wait and see. There’s no loss either way, I figure.

That’s strikeback #1.

Strikeback #2 occurred when I found and walked into the Obama headquarters here in Hammond, Indiana. I’m glad they have a headquarters here and I hope to work there a little as the campaign heats up in Indiana. If I claim to be Obamaboy, I ought to act like one. With a new job, I don’t know how much I can do. But, I’ll give it a try and give Barack a little help.

It’s 73 degrees outside. The first 70 -degree day in about 6 months. I’m loving it. I only wish there was a ballgame on right now. It would make the day complete. But no matter, I think I’ll get a hot dog meal from Johnnies Red Hots on Chicago Ave. near Bishop Noll. Not very healthy, bit it will hit the spot as I think about baseball, campaigns and things that are meant to be.


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