What I’ve Learned Lately

I am of the opinion that there is always much to learn each day. Usually, at the end of the day, I try to take stock and discover what I learned as I went through the day. Usually, I find there is something that I learned. Sometimes it is something big, but most of the time it is something small. Yet, it all adds up. You never know whether the stuff you thought was useless will come in handy later. I’m always finding out that even the useless stuff is valuable.

One thing I learned is that retail is for the young and the first thing to go is your feet. Never underestimate owning a good pair of shoes when working retail.  Being on your feet all day is murder. I’ll have to get used to being on my feet if I want to work at this.

I also learned that there are as many kinds of people as there are snowflakes. So far I’ve been preached to. Accused of racial profiling complained to and ignored. I’ve also been thanked, smiled at, given tips for helping customers, and joked with. I prefer the later actions and luckily ignore or don’t always hear the other comments, since I’m hearing impaired.

So the job has good and bad in it, but nothing fatal. I suppose I should have been a little wary when a co-worker mentioned that the police come within a minute of a disturbance. But I also heard that that is almost a rare thing at the store.

I’m taking it all in and learning a lot. Perhaps a book will really come out of this experience, yet.


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