A Cub Update, 2008

Finally, I have a chance to do a Chicago Cubs update. The first six weeks of the season has found the Cubbies in first place in their division, one game a head of the Cardinals.

Unlike last year, the hitting has been solid, especially at home. Derrick Lee has been hitting the ball as he did a couple of years ago and Geovany Soto has been on fire over the last few weeks.

The pitching has been solid with Zambrano leading the way. While there have been a couple of times the defense has been questionable, over all it is getting the job done.

Can the Cubs do it this year? I think they can.

By the way, here’s something unusual. All three teams leading the divisions in the National League, the Cubs, the Marlins, and the Diamondbacks, have identical 23-15 records.

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