Monthly Archives: June 2008

A Mid Year Report- Sort Of

Sheesh…have I been busy lately! Not on the blogs, of course, But I’ve been busy elsewhere. I’ve been taking care of my mother since she hasn’t been well, lately. She has had some severe back pain due to a compression fracture and recently had some trouble breathing, due to her congestive heart failure. She is […]

Immagration and a True American Response

First, let us have a little background. Immigration laws set up in the 1920’s did not address the problem of immigration from Mexico. One reason was, because few came from Mexico and second because the area that they settled was in the Southwest, little settled until the 1960’s on. As people moved for health and […]

Hermit Car

Gas prices are high; we all know that. So I have to say that I notice fewer SUV’s on the road these days as people are climbing back into cars and try to save in the fuel costs. Then, there’s the fact that the cars are getting smaller and more fuel-efficient. It seems to me […]

Biting Reality

I’ve been away recently. Mostly, busy with working and taking care of things at home. But things haven’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped. It seems that reality has taken hold and I’ve been forced to bite off a huge chunk of it and even had to swallow. It didn’t taste very good, but […]