Hermit Car

Gas prices are high; we all know that. So I have to say that I notice fewer SUV’s on the road these days as people are climbing back into cars and try to save in the fuel costs.

Then, there’s the fact that the cars are getting smaller and more fuel-efficient. It seems to me that I see smaller cars than I have in a long time. It sort of reminds me of the late 70’s, when we had an oil embargo and gas was hard to get and having a small car was the way to go.

Now, I know about the Smart Car; a two-seater that gets about 50 MPG and in on the market these days (though you might have to wait 6 months to get one). But yesterday I saw a car the even outdoes that little gem. It was small; it was ugly and yellow. It was a one- person car. Yep, it was the ugliest thing I ever saw, but I have to admit it is practical.

It probably has a motorcycle engine or a squirrel for an engine and it sort of looks like a bumble -bee on steroids. It’s great if you are a hermit and want to keep you hermit status while getting around town. But I kind of think it’s a little selfish. I rather have a Smart car and at least drive around with a friend. The ten extra miles of gas I save would be a lonely victory. I rather share my frugality with a friend once in a while.


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