Immagration and a True American Response

First, let us have a little background. Immigration laws set up in the 1920’s did not address the problem of immigration from Mexico. One reason was, because few came from Mexico and second because the area that they settled was in the Southwest, little settled until the 1960’s on.

As people moved for health and retirement the area became more populated. Then, as computer industries developed in the dry air, conducive for chip- makers, the area boomed.  Workers in all industries were needed, especially service workers. Mexico with a poor economy, supplied many workers.

Then President Reagan, allowed workers to cross over because employers needed workers. He never closed the border and neither has the other presidents.

Also, In the early 1900’s people came through ports of entry; Ellis Island, Baltimore, San Francisco etc. There is no port of entry in the Southwest United States.

My own solution is this. Build a fence, if it going to make people happy. I doubt it can work, but we have to give it a try. Then perhaps we can create points of entry that will allow us to monitor the flow. We can then check who can come into our country and those who have a criminal record can be kept out/

But what do wee do with the 12 million who are here? First, fining them substantially will not work. After spending perhaps thousands of dollars to a coyote to get them here, they will be willing to stay in the background and stay in the country.

Why not allow them a 3 to 5 year plan to assimilate themselves in this country. First by applying for temporary status in this country and within 5 years, apply for citizenship. If after 3 years they have not applied for temporary status they could be liable for deportation. If after 5 years of being in this country, they have not at least applied for citizenship, the same would happen. They would not be allowed to enter the country for 10 years. This would only apply to those who are in the country once the fence is built and the framework is set up to safely allow legal entry into our country. Any one entering this country at that moment in Illegally would automatically be deported and not allowed to enter, ever.

I know that with the energy and credit crises that the problem of immigration is taking a back seat. It seems that this is a problem only when the American public has no other worries that obsess them at the moment. But eventually a solution must be reached.

Also, with Obama and McCain running for President in 2008, draconian measures will not be contemplated. I believe that a plan, such as one that I have outlined here, would be the only way to do the correct thing in the immigration tangle. It eventually must be settled and in a way that is tough, but also compassionate.


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