A Mid Year Report- Sort Of

Sheesh…have I been busy lately! Not on the blogs, of course, But I’ve been busy elsewhere. I’ve been taking care of my mother since she hasn’t been well, lately. She has had some severe back pain due to a compression fracture and recently had some trouble breathing, due to her congestive heart failure. She is home now and resting comfortably. But that has made me the ruler of the house. With that, I have more responsibility. I’m getting used to it and I can almost say I’m enjoying it: Just that things that I’d rather do doesn’t get done.

It does look like my next book will be out in the next few weeks. It’s science fiction as I had mentioned before. I’m still debating whether to put it on Lulu or Booklocker. Com. Lulu is cheaper, but I don’t generate as much in sales. Booklocker is a bit more expensive, but I have had better sales. It ends up almost the same in terms of profit. I do think the niche audience will help sell more books this time around. Being a science fiction book, I think I have a better chance this time. So maybe Booklocker is better.

I could also put out all the books on one site or the other and get them all on one site. Then I would have a catalogue of books in one area for sale. That would easily be the best way to go.

Well, that’s a lot to think about and as always, a lot to do. I’ll let you know when the new book is out. For now, it’s back to work and



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    Looking forward to the link, would like to read a sci fi written by a NW Indiana author.

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