Monthly Archives: July 2008

Book Review: Two Beatle Books

I don’t usually make reviews of books. I don’t think that people would want to read something that some unknown blogger would reccomend. But for these two books I decided to make an exception. These two books were written about the Beatles and are part of my research for some future book about the sixties […]

The Cubs At All-Star Break

Since the All-Star Game is the traditional break in the baseball season, I thought it would be a good time to report on my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. They’re still in first place, 4.5 games ahead in their division. Despite a few blips along the way, they are playing better than they did last […]

2008- The Historical Year

“In order to save the village, we must destroy it.” This was a phrase used by military men to describe what they had to do in Viet Nam during the U. S. involvement there. In order to save the country, they felt that they had to destroy it. A contrast, to be sure, it is […]