2008- The Historical Year

“In order to save the village, we must destroy it.” This was a phrase used by military men to describe what they had to do in Viet Nam during the U. S. involvement there. In order to save the country, they felt that they had to destroy it. A contrast, to be sure, it is kind of what we face today. In 2008 we are at a cross –road, staring down at a precipice and wondering if we can go back.

Even the presidential race is a study of contrasts. It is now a race where the two main opponents are a young, black man versus an old white guy. Besides that, each has a world view that is opposed to each other. We will have to decide which view we want to live with for the next four years.

Gas prices are killing us. Do we want to drill more or go into alternative fuel? Have cars using alternative energy and/or drive less. Or drill for more oil for gas. With global warming staring us in the face, as almost all of us now recognize, how do we propose to get the energy we need to survive, if the energy that we now use and demand could eventually be our undoing?

We built houses that are mansions, reaching up in the sky and covering the earth. We made it easy for any one to almost buy one on mortgage. Then,  adjusted it upward and suddenly people can’t afford.

We don’t want to pay the high taxes, but what happens when the services that we got for our taxes are cut and we are made to live on less? What will you and I do when that time comes?

We have the highest technology in healthcare in the world. How do we make sure that all of us have access to it?

We have a lot of thinking and action to do. It is time to fish or cut bait. We have to make bold and careful choices (a contrast in itself). We will have to make sacrifices. It will not be easy. No side is completely right. It is not flip flopping to take the best of either side and come up with solutions that will get us through in the years ahead. Only then, will 2008 be a watershed year of change.


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