Some Thoughts On a Rainy Day

Last week, I had to do some shopping for a birthday present, and went to one of the malls to do my walking and then shop.

After my two runs around the mall I picked up my present and looked around in the bookstore in the mall.

One of the first things I noticed was a Christmas book for sale. I don’t know if it was a book that somehow escaped being put away until a appropriate time came, or that someone decided to beat the rush an put it out early, but it broke a record.  Here it is; a Christmas item out in July! Come and get it, before the rush! I shook my head in wonder. I’m not even ready for Labor Day, yet. I you want me to think about Christmas? I think not.

While I browsed through the bookstore, I came to the Social Science section. It should be called the Whine section. It seemed that all the books seemed to be by authors who wanted whine about something. Conservatives against Liberals; Liberals against Conservatives; Traditionalists against Progressives; Progressives against Traditionalists ad so forth.

It seems that the way of politics, religion, social science and most anything else is implied in the phrase ‘My way or no way.’ What ever happened to taking the best of peoples ideas and combining them into a synthesis and come up with something that will work?

Maybe that is what the American People are searching for: Ideas that will help the country along, rather than the political parties or a certain group of people.  I guess I’m tired of the same old thing, I know I can be guilty of being a partisan myself: I’m an Obama supporter. But that’s because I seen McCain only using the same playbook as Bush used. Still, there are times that Obama could be braver in articulating a fresh look at what we can do in this country as opposed to the politics of tit for tat.

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