What A Weekend

What A Weekend

It’s been an unusually busy weekend for me. Most of the time my weekends are quiet and for the most part boring. This weekend however, I spent a lot of time out and about, at least for me it was.

First Friday I had lunch with a friend who decided to have me meet a girlfriend of her’s, thinking we might hit it off? A nice gesture for her to come up with something like that.. But after a nice lunch and conversation it was decided that we were better off being two ships that passed in the night. Over the years I’ve passed by a lot of ships. Mostly, I spent the time fixing up my ship with the transplant and all. Now, I wouldn’t know what to do if a ship even ran into me, these days.

Besides, I had other things to do this weekend…

A friend of mine came from out of town Sunday and we spent the day out and around visiting friends at Church and having a sort of reunion with all of us there. This is my old parish of St. Victor and I got a chance to listen to their choir while I was there and see old friends.

It will never be the same as it once was there, but for one Sunday it was a blast to have some of the old feeling come back. I won’t kid myself, times and circumstances have changed. We all have new things to do, whether it be jobs, taking care of our parents, fixing a home etc… But for one day we could forget about our present situations and come together and share some laughs and memories and get an energy boost for the week ahead.

I was tired by Sunday night, but it wasn’t a bad tired. It was more of a satisfied kind of tired: One that comes with having a good and eventful weekend. It’s Monday now, back to the same old routine. The weekend, however will help me through the ups and downs of the same old routine.


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