Want To Be A Rock ‘n Roll Star?

I went over to see a friend and they had their grandkids over and they were playing one of their video games (I can’t believe that I’m even talking about someone’s grandkids, but tine marches on).

I noticed that they were playing something called Guitar Hero or was it Rock Band? I don’t know which one, but they were playing some controller that was shaped like an electric guitar and trying to match notes or riffs that came up in the game or video.

The game looks like fun, but I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be better if these kids were taking the time and learning to play a real guitar or instrument? I play really bad guitar, but play I did (I’m staring at my old guitar as I write this, right now). I don’t anymore since I lost my voice and can’t carry a note much less talk loud.  My brother-in-law’s both play and instrument, one plays guitar and the other drums. Both have played in bands and played well.  My nephew plays guitar and even played in a Christian Rock band. No matter how well or poorly we all play. We had the enjoyment of learning an instrument and being a little creative. Wouldn’t it be great instead of playing a fake guitar they would learn the real thing? I can only hope they by playing the game, they might be interested in learning the real thing, some day.

I notice that real guitar Hero’s like Clapton, Paul Simon, or Dylan don’t lend their name or songs to the products.  They understand that the joy in music comes in the songs and how they are played and how we should approach them.

I’m a third rate guitar player. Thank Gad for that. I’d rather a player of a real guitar, than a make believe Guitar Hero, with a plastic, fake guitar strapped across my chest.


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