A CD Burner Inside My Head

My dreams don’t mean much to me. Most of them disappear in the nether world the moment that I wake up, never to be concerned with again. For most of us that is probably true. Most of us challenge our problems and demons when we’re awake. Therefore, our subconscious doesn’t have to deal with any heavy problems while sleep. That’s a good thing, other wise we would always be tired, or driven to Zoogie Land

Sometimes I do get a real zinger of a dream. Not nightmares, really. Just something that perhaps I’m dealing with and I haven’t met it head on. Dealing with elderly, sick parents, for instance. I don’t know why, maybe because I’ve had to deal with and take care of them a lot. Maybe I haven’t made up my mind how I feel about it. I don’t know, but there are times that I get those kind of dreams and think, “wow dude, heavy dream! Where did that come from?”

There’s something else in my dreams that surely drives my crazy. It seems that in my dreams I’m a fantastic songwriter and a darn good lyricist. Mostly, it’s Rock and Roll, classic rock to define it further. I think I’ve had enough of these dreams that if I could get these songs out, I would have a hit album and make millions.

The thing is, in reality, I only play a little bad guitar and while I like and have written some poetry, I wouldn’t say I’m a Gershwin, Lennon, Dylan or even a Mick Jagger.

That’s why I wish that I had a CD burner inside my head.  Or, that my brain would be wired to my computer like iTunes and I could download these songs whenever I want.

Alas, that’s not possible. I guess I’ll have to live with being the greatest songwriter in my head. Too bad, I would have wanted you to hear what I hear.


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