My Shorts Are Smiling

I was in a Walgreens the other day. As you know, Walgreens is more than a drugstore these days. They sell a little bit of everything: Clothes, auto supplies, books magazines. You name it. They probably sell it.

So, I was walking down this one aisle and came upon something unusual. It was either, swim trunks or boxer shorts. They were yellow gold and had a picture of smiling lips on it. I thought to myself; the shorts are smiling.

I thought how great it would be to have a pair like that while I observe life. When something unusual happens, Instead of smiling our load, My shorts could be smiling.

For instance: Two dogs passed in front of my car yesterday while I was out doing my errands. Apparently, they are running from the home they live in. One even had a lead attached to its collar:

My shorts are smiling.

I saw a young mother trying to keep tabs on her two small children while trying to cross a busy street. I’m glad they made it. But looking at the frustration on her face I couldn’t help thinking:

My shorts are smiling.

A motorist cut me off while speeding along the street. He was driving too fast for conditions. A few moments later I passed him up, when he was stopped by a motor cop:

My shorts are smiling.

So next time you un across something that is unusual or just plain funny and you can’t  laugh out load, just think to yourself:

My shorts are smiling

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