Nursing Homes, Floods and Cubbies, Oh My!

I’ve been out of the loop lately and not writing since my mother became ill in September. Right now, she is in a nursing home, getting the therapy she needs to come home. Obviously, with her health being of great importance, I’ve been concentrating on that, instead of writing. I’m glad I’m doing that, but I do miss the writing.

She is doing better, and should be home soon. The nursing home has done a good job there, with no major concern on my part. Of course my mother would rather go home. I don’t blame her in a way. I’d rather be home if I was her. I know. I was once in her position a few years ago. Keep her and all those, whose parents are ill, in your prayers. I try to do the same for yours and you.

I didn’t miss the floods in Northwest Indiana a couple of weeks ago. We only had some seepage in the basement. That went away as the water table went down. It took a week for that to happen. It was, however, a lot worse in other parts of the Calumet Region. A lot of homes were damaged, especially around the Little Calumet River. The levee that was to be built, has never been finished; due to mismanagement and miscommunication. It’s too bad. Because of all the problems in getting an important project off the ground, good people had to suffer.

Last item is the Cubs lost out in the play-offs. No hitting, poor pitching and horrible fielding led to their demise. It was a horrible end to an otherwise great season. They choked in the end and have to (again) wait until next year.

Lately, I feel like I’m heading for Oz with a creaky tin man, a brainless scarecrow, and a cowardly lion riding my back. I know it will all change when I get there, But these last few steps….ugh.


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