Catching Up With All of You

Well, this past few weeks have been pretty busy and unbelievable. My mother is still in the nursing home, trying to recover as much as she possibly can. She is finally making some progress and walking some. If she continues to make progress she should be able to come home by Christmas. That’s my goal for right now.

Of course, I have to note the historic victory of Barack Obama as President of the United States. I had the opportunity to work a little on the campaign until my mother became ill. Then, I had to devote more of my energy to that, rather than to the campaign. I did continue to donate some money to the cause and because of that, feel a little bit part of an history.

Not that he’s going to notice, but I hope that he can do all the things he hopes to do as President. I wish him luck. This was the first time in a long time I felt excited about a President. Right now I feel that the country is starting to move in a better direction.

With the campaign and my mother’s illness taking over my life. I decided this year not to pursue the National Novel Writing Month Challenge (Nanowromo). I started to outline a book for the challenge during the summer, but never got far with it. In fact, I still have to finish the final rewrite of the 2007 novel! Then I can get it published.

Besides I have an idea for another book that really interests me. This would be a non-fiction book. With some of my own thoughts incorporated with other people, it has possibilities.  I have to think it out more, but I believe it could be a winner here.

I hope to get back to writing more columns in the future. I miss the writing and the feedback. Hope you are doing good and that you are living well and prospering as well as you can in this bad economy that we are experiencing these days!


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