White Guys (And Gals) Can’t Sing Gospel

Last week I had the opportunity to go to a Gospel Concert at St. Victor Parish in Calumet City, Illinois. The Dr. Willie Wilson and his choir performed the concert and were in fine form and were uplifting and spiritual.

They performed some of their own songs as well as some that the audience, which was mostly white, would recognize. They had the church shaking, as it never had before. I would say that everyone had a great time and enjoyed him or herself immensely.

Toward the end of the concert, Dr. Wilson invited some of the members of St. Victor Choir and the pastor of St. Victor to join his choir for the last couple of songs, including “Just A Walk,” A song familiar to all.

They did a fine job, singing with Dr. Wilson’s choir and band. But, you know, you could see that it just wasn’t their style.  As much as they got into the singing and such, you could see a little bit of awkwardness. Good hearted and well done, but still maybe just a tad of the mark.

Just goes to show you that us white folks just don’t have the background or maybe the suffering to sing gospel or the blues, for that matter, as black folks do. Nothing wrong with that, just different, I guess. We come from different backgrounds and experiences. At least in a church you can overcome the differences and come together to praise God and our common humanity, I think I saw some of that last Sunday.

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