Baseball, Life and Greed

Baseball’s Spring Training is upon us. It should be a hopeful time and a time when we can forget our troubles and look forward to a little escape. Especially with the economy the way it is.

However steroids again messed us up.  Al Rodriguez spoiled it for us with admission that he took steroids back in 2001 to 2003. Again we are faced with another baseball hero who has tainted the sport.

Why do these guys do it? I don’t know, but have some thoughts.
It is a well known fact that steroid are more of a help for a pitcher than a hitter. Although I have some doubts on that. A pitcher gains 4 to 6 mph on his fast-balls when pitching. A batter although he gets a longer fly ball because of he power through steroids, still has to get the bat on the ball.

Of course there is one thing a pitcher has to do  besides throwing a  monstrous  fast0ball, He has to throw it over the plate. If he doesn’t do that it doesn’t matter how fast he throws.

Baseball is as much a game of finesse as it is of power. A lot of the modern players forget that, as well as the fans. They come to see huge homeruns, blazing fastballs and grown men crashing into outfield walls. A pitcher’s duel goes over their head. How else does Bonds, McGuire and Clemmens make their mark? My heroes are Banks, Aaron, Ford, Drysdale and Gehrig. They made it on their own God given natural talent. Something that could not be received through an injection.

Do you want to see just a ball going just over the fence, or a pitcher getting batters  to hit into ground outs.? Nope. You want home runs that reach into the next galaxy. You want to see batter flailing at fastballs that they never see.

That’s where the money is . That is what brings the casual fan to the game. Would the owners pay these players all that money if he was merely good but never brought fans to the ballpark.
What Bonds, Rodriguez and Clemens did or alleged to have done is wrong. But maybe we can blame ourselves. We wanted the huge home runs and the blazing fastballs. In a way we have become a victim of our own greed and we all suffer for it.


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