Monthly Archives: March 2009

Another Story From The Naked City

Yesterday, I spent the whole day taking care of financial matters for my mother who is now in a nursing home. It was a long, tiring day. One in which I am still recovering from as I write this. It meant visiting banks and talking to financial people and talking on the phone to lawyers […]

Madoff and the perversion of the American Dream

I’ve been following the trial and conviction of Bernie Madoff for his role in scamming thousands of clients in what is known as ponzi scheme. Now I have to say up front that I feel sorry for all of those who has lost money in this fraud. Many of these people are retired people who […]

My Newest Book Is Out

OK! Listen Up! My newest book is out! It took a long time to do the editing on it as I have been busy over the last year. Mostly, taking care of my Mom who has not been well over the last year and all the changes that happened around that event. But finally I […]