Chia Obama- Over The Line?

The one thing that I would give a failing grade for is the Chia Obama. This is the most ridiculous item that I have seen on television in many a long time.

Now, I know that there are a lot of items that are out There commemorating the presidents. Most of them are commemorative coins and most of them are for the Republican presidents. No problem there.

But, a Chia Obama? I haven’t seen a Chia Reagan or a Chia Nixon or Chia Bush. Why a Chia Obama?

Obama does not have green hair. In fact it is starting to get a little gray since he took over the job. Can’t blame him for that. My hair has turned gray, without the stress of a job like he has.

I suppose the people that have manufactured the Chia Obama mean well. But I wonder what the President thinks. I don’t know if he watches much television these days. But late at night, as he watches a show on his DVR, I wonder if he doesn’t cringe a but watching his hair grow out green on the screen. But, then again. I bet he just shakes his head and smiles. At least they are selling something. Few people are in this economy these days.


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