A Tough Month

Wondering what I’ve been up to lately? I haven’t blogged for a two or three weeks as I’ve been busy plugging holes in the dyke that makes up my life.

First, I was in a car accident about three weeks ago. No one was hurt, but my car was, I had my front end crunched and it took a while to get it fixed. I got the car back now. I’m happy with the fix.

I’m also happy with the insurance service. They took care of the claim and I didn’t have to do much running around or spend a great amount of time on the phone.

I had a GM Cobalt while my car was being repaired. The car was nice, but still, I rather like my Neon better. Mostly, I didn’t like the rear seats. The Cobalt  had a head rest on the back seats that blocked your view when backing up or checking the traffic with your rear view mirror. Most of the GM cars are like that. The car drove nice, but because of that I would be less inclined to buy a GM car.

Second, I’ve been running around making sure that my mother’s records were sent to the other nursing home where she wants to go. You really have to keep on the nursing homes to make sure that they do what you want them to do. This isn’t what I planned to be doing at this point in my life. But I guess someone has to do these kind of things.

I’m learning to just accept whatever comes along and just do what I have to do. It takes discipline. I had a lot of discipline when I went to school and later when I worked and when I was recovering from the heart-lung transplant and the setbacks afterward.

I guess over the last few years, I’ve lost that discipline that once carried me through most of whatever life threw at me. Now, I’m in the process of getting that discipline back.

It will take awhile. I believe that I am getting there. There’s more that I have to do. I now I have a house to take care of: I have to take care of my mother, whether at home or in the nursing home. I have to take care of my self. Sometimes that means a conflict in my head about what is important at that moment. If I stay focused and don’t lose my perspective, I should survive.

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