The Day the Cars Stopped Rolling

Yesterday, GM filed for bankruptcy in the Federal Courts. It was a decision that was a long time in the making and a difficult one for the American to accept.

While I never bought a GM car, I have borrowed a couple from friends and recently rented one when I was in a car accident and had to have my car repaired. For the most part, I have driven Dodge's and Plymouths, Chrysler cars. Chrysler recently went into bankruptcy in the last few days, themselves.

Both of these companies will come out stronger, though  not necessarily as big as they are now.

As sad as it might be, this is not a bad thing. By starting over, perhaps the cars that will be built will be efficient, both in gas milage and for the environment.

The mistakes the automakers made over the last 25 or 30 years are many. Remember the GM Vega? The car had an early form of GPS. You knew where the car was by the black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. remember the Pinto? The car couls blow up real good if you crashed into the gas tank.

So, the american automakers were though of unreliable in making small cars.

They made larger cars and later SUV's. After all gas in America was cheap, unlike that through most of the rest of the world.

Now, gas prices are higher in the US, though not as high as it was last year. The large cars an Suv's are tanking in sales and the recession has put a damper on sales, especially in terms of getting loans. No loans, no sales, it's that simple.

It was a perfect storm that led to the the end of the selling of the American car, as we know it, anyway.

We now have a way to change all of this. Bankruptcy can be a way to save the Car companies. They will be smaller and the choices will be less. Car will become more gas efficient and easier on the environment. But that will be good. I'll kind of miss the old cars. But, if it means the earth will be safer, I'm for it. We have the smarts to make the change. Do we have the will?

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