Sammy Sosa Breaks My Heart

It was reported in the New York Times recently that slugger Sammy Sosa had tested positive for a performance enhancing drug during the 2003 season. If this is true than the three biggest sluggers of the ’90’s and 2000’s have all come under the same cloud and we really have a period in baseball called the steroid era.

I had always held the belief that since Sammy had never been named as one who had taken steroids, I could stand by him and say at least one had done well without drugs, corked bat notwithstanding. I guess it’s so, though. I guess I was foolish to think the way I did. I feel bad about it. I was glad to see someone coming from poverty to make it big. Besides, he had done so much for his country during the hurricane and it’s aftermath. How could I fault him.

Yes, Sammy has done some good. But I wonder if the damage done to his reputation will be offset by these charges? . I would think the damage will hurt Sammy, especially when they vote for the Hall of Fame.  Sammy has not played for a couple of years and it has been 11 years since he and McGwire slugged it out in 1998. That put a smile into baseball saved the game after all the earlier labor troubles in the middle 90’s. This will all be forgotten as the word steroids will be brought up and the image will not be about the frantic race that they were involved in, but rather that it was done perhaps under the influence of steroids.

I’m not angry, just a little sad. I guess I grew up where innocence and baseball walked hand in hand, In the ’50’s and ’60’s we had small screen TV’s and the players looked small, except in out minds. There, players like, Banks, Mays, Aaron and Mantle were larger than life. When we actually went to the park and saw a game with our fathers, the field exploded in our eyes and so did the players. The images in our minds were larger than life and the reality melded with our imagination, creating a perfect storm.

I think I kept that image in my head as I grew up. So, now, the image of players cheating makes them smaller in my mind. That is what breaks my heart. Kids today have large screen TV’s, but he image in their heads of the players today is probably small, due to the use of steroids. It may have bulked up the players, but not the game.

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