Monthly Archives: July 2009

…And I’m Still a Cubs Fan

I haven’t said much about the Chicago Cubs since late last year. This is especially true since their swift departure from the play-offs for the second year in a row. Yep, I’ve been lying low this year. Until recently the team hasn’t done well. Injuries and a weak offence have kept them from taking the […]

Still Not a Famous Blogger

I’ve been spending time reading other blogs and see that they have 10,000 or 20,000 hits on this site or that site. Me? The most I ever had is over 6,0000 over a few years of blogging. Still, I’m not near as popular as some other bloggers that I read. I come across a bl00 […]

Honking: The Alternative to Tweeting

These days, people are always tweeting on the Internet. I guess it just about having a short attention span. No one can seem to write   thoughts more than 140 characters. They are tweeting this and tweeting that. So much so that anyone who has a long thought can not get a word in edge-wise. I […]

Malden And Jackson: A Study of Contrast

Last week, two people of the area where I live passed away. Karl Malden and Michael Jackson were both from the Calumet Region, Gary, Indiana to be exact. Both achieved much in their lives and are honered by their peers in death. Karl Malden, was a consumate character actor. He won the accademy award for […]