Honking: The Alternative to Tweeting

These days, people are always tweeting on the Internet. I guess it just about having a short attention span. No one can seem to write   thoughts more than 140 characters. They are tweeting this and tweeting that. So much so that anyone who has a long thought can not get a word in edge-wise.

I propose that anyone who wants to write longer thoughts begin to HONK. Honking is a superlative way to overcome the tweeters in life. If you have a long thought, HONK it out! Show those little tweeters that you mean business.  Show people that you can produce a thought that takes longer than 140 characters to write. Show them that you are a complex person and can think for yourself.

People will know who you are by the thoughts you compile. The will say “That HONKER is a smart person. He can think and communicate. I’d like to more from him or her. Where can I find them?”

One last thought: HONK it loud and HONK it proud. Show the world what you are made of.

Let people know you will not be limited by the boundary of a Tweet.  Throw off those shackles, be a HONKER, not a Tweeter.

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