Who Is Really Watching Out For You?

I’m sure you have seen them on television or listened to them on radio. You know, the talking heads, the commentators or whatever else they call themselves. They tell you what they want you to know, to think, to act upon. The O’ Reilly’s. Limbaugh, Beck, Olberman, Maddow. They have their own political agendas and depending on one’s point of view, we listen to them.

I admit that I listen more to the Olbermans and the Maddow’s, then again, I’m more of a liberal kind of guy than most around me. I still believe that Obama has the right approach to solving the health care crises. It’s something I feel since I pay a high (way to high) premium for supplemental coverage since I an a heart-lung transplant survivor.

In any case, I don’t take it that seriously. There are times that I get tired of all the political dogfights that go on. I get tired of all the name –calling, the maneuvering, the winning at any cost with out a sincere overview of each sides solutions and the lack of compromise that seems to make up the political landscape these days.

No one is watching out for you. The political commentators are looking out for ratings, the sales of their books and fatter contracts. That is why they are over the top in their commentaries. The producers guide the guests on what to say in an interview to produce the best kind of confrontation. It’s all for ratings, not for rational discussion. If the media gave you a ‘fair and balanced’ viewpoint, you wouldn’t be watching them. You could watch or listen to your Uncle Ed and get the same news, boring, but precise.

I listen less to the talking heads these days. I’m tired of Obama being criticized from before he took office. He was elected President. Stop the birthers and the nitpickers. Discuss the policies in a levelheaded manner, criticize the policies on their merits and not use scare tactics. Listen to each side as they give us their opinions, based on facts on what need to be done in healthcare, war, economy, and other important problems facing us. Republicans need to give clear sensible solutions and Democrats need to listen to any sensible solution in a levelheaded manner. Republicans cannot be allowed to just say no and Democrats cannot be allowed to say I won’t listen.

Bring about consensus. This doesn’t mean you fully like every thing that is decided. Consensus means you can live with the decision that is arrived at.  Let’s look out for each other and not let someone who doesn’t know anything about us lead us to a false promise land.

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